Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

So what do you think of a person who lies frequently? No, I’m not talking about our illustrious leader who is becoming increasingly more famous for the habit. No, I’m talking about your average Joe or Jane, be he/she among the rich, the middle class, or the poor. Do you know such a person? I am happy to say that I have been successful in avoiding such creatures most of my life, or at least avoiding them enough to where I’ve never been caught up in their lies.

Lets back up here a bit. I’m getting ahead of myself. In my opinion there are several levels of a lie. The most innocent being the little white lie told to protect someone’s fragile ego. In my opinion the worst is the lie you tell with the sole intent of covering your own ass at the expense of someone else.

The kind of lie I have been having to deal with falls somewhere in the middle. Most of them are the kind told to make the person hearing it happy only to go to the next person, the person lied about to the first person, and say something entirely different. Yeah, that happened to me and a coworker.

The most harmful lie in the workplace is the lie that costs the company money. Telling a guest that a portion of the business is closed, when in reality nothing is closed as long as someone is awake, is a pure sign of laziness. Of course, that laziness is most visible when the boss sleeps most of every afternoon. Another form of this is competing with your guests, selfishly no less. Fishing was kinda hard this summer, but when he wasn’t sleeping he was taking his wife fishing, at least most of the time. He’d come back with fish and he’d show them off to his guests who maybe weren’t so lucky. Talk about rude.

Telling your employees that he must depend on the income from the lodge for living expenses for the rest of the year, is a very colorful half-truth. Of course, if daddy has cut him off, that might be more true than false. However, he uses that excuse to avoid hiring more help, which would be nice, and my first choice personally, or giving pay raises, which would also be nice since the cost of living out here keeps going up every year, especially the cost of gas. Of course, I’ve been living off a summer’s wages for many years now. If he has problems living off of the profits from the business, he needs to make a few luxury cuts and get a mite more realistic. I’m not sure he understands that though.

Last summer was year number three of five daddy gave the apple of his eye to make a go of his first real business venture, and after watching more than half of the guests go away actually angry, and three quarters of the rest of them go away less than happy makes me wonder if the business will survive another two years under his leadership. Take a guy who has never had to work for a living in his life, buy him a business, well established with a full complement of established guests, and just say, “Here you go,” is like the worst thing you can do to that business. Years one and two were under the guidance of the previous owner, but did he make any effort to learn anything? No! At the end of last year, he found out he had to bill all his guests again because he never mailed in any of the credit card receipts (or whatever those papers are called), and that was his second year. This year was his first year to open the lodge on his own, complete with three out of four brand new staff. If it wasn’t for the chef being something of an old hand, we would have had a lot more problems than we did have, and those were trouble enough.

Ah but I’m getting away from the purpose of this post – lying

Lying hurts. It hurts you and it hurts those around you, and it hurts anything you try to do. I prefer not to lie, though I can’t claim to be perfect. Most of the time, I’ll keep my mouth shut, but if you ask me my opinion, I’ll give it as diplomatically but as honestly as I can. It is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it is also my belief that you can’t get better if you can’t face the truth. I learned this being a writer. Tell me what is wrong with what I write, so I can learn not to make that mistake anymore. Tell the truth to your employees so they can better work as a team. And for God’s sake, hire a people person to run the lodge.

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