Quiting Smoking

I’ve lived with a smoker all of my life, not counting a college roommate or two. I’ve even tried a few as a teen, but really, inhaling smoke on purpose was something I could never bring myself to do. I mean really, it just seemed like a stupid thing to do. Being downwind from a campfire is bad enough, though I did next to no camping as a kid.

But I’m not talking about me quitting; I’m talking about my husband. I feel sorry for him. He’s going through such a very hard time. I don’t know what is in cigarettes, but I do know that it’s much more than just nicotine.

Over the last few years he’s tried to quit, and he picks this time of year to do so on purpose. If you can’t get to the store or the post office, you can’t buy any tobacco. Usually we get some to get us through the need to cut our first tree or so, or whatever early fall chore that may need doing, but this year my last order of supplies was never ordered. I order most of my supplies through the lodge and I was trying to spread out my orders between paychecks; it turned out there wasn’t going to be another order – I screwed up (sorta).

In the past, we also stocked up on things like Nicorette gum or more recently, some little mints that do the same thing. They help, but only some. It’s the other toxins he’s withdrawing from that have him so badly screwed up.

He gets dizzy. He runs a fever in waves. He can’t think straight. And those cause him to be short tempered to say the least. The Nicorette helps some with the thinking, but that’s about it. It keeps his brain happy(ier) while his body still goes through contortions.

This year, he’s run out of it all, so it’s cold turkey, and sometimes I’d like to strangle him. I think there’s a reason why guys make poor patients in hospitals (so I’ve heard). There are times I wish I could put him in an artificial coma for a couple months.

All day he’s moaning and shivering, and whining and complaining. Not that I begrudge him that, he’s miserable – horribly miserable, but then some of the things that come out of his mouth really make me feel guilty. He’ll say it too. “It’s all your fault. You’re killing me. Just shoot me. I’ll just go find an iceberg.” And others along the same vain. Supper comes around and he’ll complain about that for one reason or another. Here lately, he’ll eat what he can, hand me the plate (mostly empty), and then ask what’s for dinner. Yeah, I know, a lot of people who quit smoking gain weight, but he just ate a whole supper (minus the crunchy stuff he can’t chew). I’ll ask him what he wants. I’ll fix it for him. I’ll do whatever I can to make this ordeal easier, but he won’t say. He just gets snippy. I know and fully understand; he’s probably not really hungry, but yet again, he is. His stomach is full but his brain isn’t satisfied and the only thing he can think of is food. The real satisfying agent isn’t to be had.

I wish I could get my hands on the person (or people) who decided to put whatever into (or onto) tobacco that makes it so addictive. If someone were to go on a shooting spree, why is it they never go to the tobacco places? I’d sure shoot me a few of the chemists. My husband tells me it’s WAY worse than quitting any of the hard drugs and I guess he’s tried his share of them. From what he tells me, he’s tried them all, and when he got tired of them, he just quit and that was that. But this, this legal drug, is running him through the ringer, quite literally.

Oh and this second hand smoke that I’ve lived with all of my life, that I blame for my bronchitis, why am I not going through the withdraws too? Probably because I’m just getting the smoke. Everything else was left behind in the other person’s lungs. Then again, the air quality overall isn’t all that great, but you won’t catch anyone blaming lung cancer on air pollution regardless of how many nonsmokers die from it. Nope, that’s all secondhand cigarette smoke. In a closed environment – maybe. Overall – I don’t think so.

I could probably go on but rant over for now. Gaaa

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  1. Yuck. Never smoked. Couldn’t afford it at first, then would rather spend my money on the kids when I had a bit to spare. Now I’m just too old. Tell your husband I’m rooting for him to stick with it. How awful to go through it.

    • I thought it was bad when the cost went up to $.50 a pack. I can really sympathize on rather spending the money on the kids or whatever. Recently he’s tried those eCigaretts or water vapor things and likes them but we ran out of the juice. If I could only get up to the post office, there should be some there. Until then, I’m smoking again, so to speak. Maybe someday.

      • I’ve heard of ecigaretts. What are they? Are they cheaper or a way to quit smoking?

        • Yes and yes. At least they are cheaper until the government figures out how to regulate them and then tax them. I’m sure you’ve heard of the commercials where they say no one else is in danger from second hand smoke because what you see is only water vapor. Well that’s what these things are. They kinda look like a cigarette in shape and size, but it’s a battery operated element that vaporizes the liquid into steam which caries the nicotine into the lungs. TONS better for the lungs of the smoker too since there is no smoke, just steam. Also tons better because there’s only some flavor and nicotine and none of all the rest of the addictive poisons. There’s also milligram levels so you can step yourself down and wean yourself off the nicotine, while your body detoxes from the rest of the crap in cigarettes.

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