Sticks and Stones

As a kid, there was this saying going around. “Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.” But we all know that that is not entirely true. Yeah, so words cannot cause physical injury, but they can still hurt.

I have something of an issue with my weight. I suppose if I were to go to a doctor, he would classify me as obese. I say this because my son had to get a physical not too long ago and yeah he’s over 200 pounds and he does have some love handles, but if you ask me, he’s far from obese. Me, I’m somewhat closer, but I still consider myself in fairly good health.

My husband (and me too to a degree) likes to make fun of my weight. I know he loves me and I know it’s just funning. I’m known as a professional anchor, meaning I’m good at sitting in the front of the boat and holding it against the bank, if we’re not staying wherever long enough to pull out the real anchor. This also applies to turning the plane around on our runway. When the plane pulls up the the turn-around of our runway, we go out and hang onto a wing by a rope dangling there for that purpose, while he powers the rest of the way around. When I’m helping, the turn is much sharper.

Back to sticks and stones. Funning aside, saying some such funny remark over and over tends to lose the fun, and eventually such words just hurt. I know he loves me, I do not doubt his intention to be funny, so I continue to laugh or smile, though sometimes I’ll respond with a, “Gee thanks. I love you too.” But this too is in fun. Sadly I have to remind myself that it is fun, that it is intended purely as fun. I have to shed off the hurt and continue to smile and laugh. He has no desire to hurt me in any way. I know this, but it still hurts.

Now that I have that little vent off my chest. For anyone who happens to stumble across this. Watch what you say. Words can hurt, even when fun is the intention.

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