Where did Work Ethic Go?

Young people these days. Did parents not teach their kids to take pride in their work? Or is getting paid just to show up the going trend and actually working for your paycheck an annoyance?

I’ve never seen such poor standards as this year. The front house job is not easy; attention must be paid to the details of the job as well as to the customers. If the front house girls pay attention to the guests, we all benefit by getting good tips – something that is shared with all the house staff even if we don’t all go schmooze with the guests personally, we all work hard to see to their comfort and to make the front house girls’ job as easy as possible.

It happens that sometimes things don’t get written down in the right places, but when that happens with wine or beer being sold, someone has to pay for the sale, so guess what comes out of those house tips. This happened so much this year, tips were shamefully lacking. That, combined with the near constant lack of attention to the guests ended up cutting tips by 1/3 at least.

Follow the money – when I normally get tips ranging from $300 to $400 a month and suddenly I’m doing good to get $100 a month. Something wasn’t done right.

Okay, so that’s that part of my rant, now on to the other part of my rant

You get hired to do a job, whatever it is, even washing dishes. Take a little pride in your work and get the job done. If you want to do something else with your time, get the job done quickly and efficiently and lo-and-behold you have free time and you’re still getting paid for it. It works that way ALL OF THE TIME. So, in the case of our front house girls, if the lodge is cleaner (people do notice things like bugs in the windowsill and crumbs etc in front of the coffee pot), people will be happier (happy guests tend to tip, though not always). In the case of the dishwasher. Taking twice as long to wash dishes only means you wallow in dish water twice as long. You’re standing at the sink twice as long. Of course, if you don’t want to go outside and do a little yard work for the rest of your morning shift, I suppose lagging along playing in dirty dish water is an option. But then comes lunch dishes … And then comes dinner dishes. Which would you rather do?

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