Human Nature

What is it about people these days? Once upon a time man was doing good to survive. One day someone discovered that when you crawl under a pile of rocks, the world is not so inhospitable. One thing led to another and look at what we have now. We now have massive cities, and people live and work in skyscrapers that threaten to pierce the clouds. But we didn’t get there just because someone learned how to stack stones one on top of the other to build a house. It’s human nature to want to have something better for the next generation. Benjamin Franklin gave us electricity and the printed book, and now we have the internet and eBooks. Thomas Edison gave us the light bulb and the phonograph, and now we have the MP3 player. And if it weren’t for Henry Ford we wouldn’t have the world-round transportation network that made building and supporting those massive cities possible. If it weren’t for these men, and others just as industrious though less well-known, we would all still be living in little farming towns and weeding our kitchen gardens.

Recently I was shown a very blatant comparison. When was the last time you looked at Hiroshima? It’s such a beautiful, thriving city, but remember some 70 or so years ago it was a toxic nuclear waste. Now look at this country. Every generation we have all struggled to give our kids the next best thing. We think we know what the standard of living should be, so we pour great gouts of money into our government to ensure no one in this country is below that standard. Of course, it seems like every year that standard needs adjusting. There’s also all the ‘adjusting’ to what people get paid so they can make ends meet and save a bit in order to make that improvement for the next generation.

It’s all a vicious ball that is rotting from the inside. With so many people getting their life-style handed to them, less people are actually working for what they get. Why should they? All they have to do is go fill out some forms and they’ll get a check – problem solved. Did you know – I didn’t – there is no welfare in Japan, and look what they accomplished. Our government needs to get out of the private sector and allow us to manage ourselves. The only problem with that idea is that we are so addicted to government aid that we don’t know how to survive without it anymore. Businesses don’t know what to pay people anymore and heaven forbid people had to pay for their own insurance rather than look for work with the best package. In that same vein, doctors don’t know what to charge anymore either. What is the fair price for all the services out there? Once was the time when people could go to the person or business who offers the best service for the lowest price, thus forcing other people and businesses to keep their prices low in order to compete, but free market and competition no longer exists. Once again, government has stepped in to make sure businesses stay afloat that should really die a painless death or make drastic changes, thus causing far less overall damage in the long run.

But what do I know? I am just a country hick who has managed to drop out of society and become a hermit.

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  1. I’m not sure which country you are from Anna but I’m from South Africa and within 18 years into the new democracy and the country has become a welfare state. I don’t know how long this will be sustained though.

    • I’m from the US. A welfare state, as I see it (I’m not political so I’m taking a literal meaning here – I could be wrong), is all so very generous and it makes the poor people feel all warm and comfy. I always thought welfare was a good thing – help the people who cannot help themselves – and there are many who would starve or die without it. I wouldn’t wish that kind of end on anyone. It’s just that determining those who actually need aid has become so blurred. Does the able-bodied man who can’t find a job because government has made it too expensive for companies to hire him even to dig ditches, deserve welfare instead? Everyone needs to eat. So he moves back in with mom, who lives on social security, and between his welfare and her social security, they scrape by. I won’t even go into the flood of illegal immigrants in this country who have been able to tap into our welfare system and they don’t even speak the language. Or how about the woman who’s claim to fame is how often she can get pregnant and how many diapers she has to buy? Yes, a lot of people need help, but if the government would allow companies to sink or swim in all sectors, including buying insurance of any kind, things would be so very different right now. Things are rotting from the inside and there’s no telling with the outer rim will collapse.

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