Gay? Who’s business is it?

Are you gay? Man or woman, are you? Whose business is it anyway? In the course of your normal day, who will notice? Have you gone to a hotel, motel or some other equivalent accommodation with your partner and checked into a single room with two or more beds, and then have you messed the second bed in an effort to hide the fact that you really slept in only one bed? If you have done this, I’m curious, who are you trying to impress? Believe me, the only people who notice (and can tell) which or how many beds were slept in is the person who comes in to make or change the bed, and believe me, she’d much rather change just the one bed, but since the second bed was mussed, she has to change that one too. You know, you spark much more gossip by doing that than simply acting like the couple you are.

And another thing. This new bill they are trying to get passed. Equal employment no matter the work place. Do you realize what you will have to do now every time you apply for a job, what we all will have to do? Now you’ll have to put your sexual preference on your application and in your resume. Are you really ready to take that step? I mean really, sex does not enter very many work places, so what does it matter. I know one man who is openly gay and he is an awesome chef. It’s obvious to me that his orientation has no affect on his work. No, I’m going to resist getting crude, even here, where no one will ever read it.

They want to use the example of a transvestite getting the job to teach small children. Kids don’t care either, and I’ve seen some pretty impressive examples of men dressing like women and looking very nice. I’ve also seen some pretty bad examples, but that’s beside the point. I’m fairly certain this transvestite isn’t going to be teaching cross-dressing to his students. The subject will never come up and the kids may never learn any different.

My husband is totally against gays in the military. I don’t see why, but we don’t argue about it. If you ask me, if a gay man wants to fight for this country, he should have every right, and if he maybe finds a gay partner, fine by me. That’s between those two. You can’t tell me that a male soldier hasn’t found an accommodating female partner at some point during their tour and no one finds anything wrong with that. Do they have sex in the PX? or down in the rec room in front of the TV while everyone is watching? Of course not. Do they stop shooting at the enemy to have mad passionate sex right there on the battlefield? Of course not. Everyone knowing everyone else’s sexual orientation is just plain dumb. I say mind your own business. Conduct yourself professionally in the working environment and keep what transpires in your bedroom, in your bedroom.

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  1. I have never understood how it affects the third person and I have since realised that there never will be a satisfactory answer, just like someone has yet to convince me why 0 X 1 is 0. This is why I never entertain homophobic debates because as far as I’m concerned it’s a foregone conclusion: debating with homophobes is a waste of breath.

    Could you enlighten me further on the bill please.


    • Well I can answer your math question: you can’t have 1 of 0 and have anything in your hand. As to homophobes – you are very right there. You can’t convince someone that being around a gay person isn’t going to rub off – Ooh – then again, it just might, and that’s what they’re so afraid of. hahahahaha The hidden gay person within peeking out and them running into someone just like them. hahahaha

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